Disney Wilderness Preserve

This was our first outing in 2014.  Nancy and I, with our Grandaughter Rachel spent some of the day walking/hiking through this Nature Preserve.  Since it was 'Winter' in Florida it was cool and nice but not a lot of flowers.  We plan to re-visit during the year, as it is close, to watch as it 'greens up' through Spring and Summber.  Near the lake there are a couple of picnic tables with lovely views to have a snack or lunch!

The Nature Conservancy’s 11,500-acre Disney Wilderness Preserve near Kissimmee stands as a testament not only to Managed by The Nature Conservancy, the Disney Wilderness Preserve is a 12,000 acre showcase for habitat restoration and conservation in a region where development continues – with major loss of habitat – at a startling pace. Purchased to replace habitats erased by the construction of Walt Disney World, this preserve was largely a cattle ranch when it first opened. Using excellent land management practices, TNC has brought back healthy longleaf pine savannas in the uplands, and conserved a cypress-lined lake, a rare find in this part of Florida. While the trail system has shrunk due to land restoration and wildfire, it provides immersion into the longleaf pine habitat and a breezy visit to Lake Russell.