Dupont State Park - North Carolina

Dupont State Forest & Triple Falls Hike - DuPont State Forest is located between Brevard and Hendersonville. Located about 40 miles southwest of Asheville, this 10,000-acre North Carolina state forest is home to 90 miles of hiking trails. A three-mile round-trip hike (mostly level with a couple of climbs) takes you to three beautiful waterfalls.

The Hunger Games, the major motion picture released in 2012, was filmed at various locations at DuPont State Forest, including Hooker Falls and Triple Falls.

High Falls is the largest waterfall, a 150-foot cascade down an inclined plane of granite. After a few turns and a short, steep hill, see a wonderful view of High Falls on the left.

Triple Falls has three cascades with a total 120-foot drop. Just past the overlook, a trail forks off to the left and heads down to land on a large rock area below the top two falls and atop the third.

Covered Bridge is a short hike up beyond the Triple Falls. Well worth it and a beautiful view of the topmost cascade.

Hooker Falls is a short walk to the right to Hooker Falls Trail-head and parking area. There is an observation area above the falls, and you can continue on the trail to reach the base of the falls. This is a popular spot for wading and swimming in Casade Lake at the foot of the 12-foot waterfall. Hooker falls is also popular with kyackers as they are permitted to ride over the falls and to swim and go under the falls. We were fortunate and watched five intrepid international kyackers go over the falls; several times. From the overlook and then again from the base of the falls and Casade Lake.