Skyline Drive - Heading South down Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park, we saw some lovely fall colors. We were in no hurry and stopped to see great sights along the way.  We had a bit of rain as we got started and most of the day.  We still saw some vivid lovely colors in the trees even some were masked by fog and mist.  We had planned to visit Luray Caverns but after talking to some friends we met along the way, discovered another set of less known caverns just after you enter Skyline Drive, Skyline Caverns so we did those too!

Shenandoah Valley -  PA220717Shenandoah Valley - PA220702Shenandoah Valley - PA220706Shenandoah Valley - PA220723Shenandoah Valley - PA220713Shenandoah Valley - PA220707Shenandoah Valley - PA220732Shenandoah Valley Storm - PA220873Shenandoah Valley Storm - PA220876Shennadoah Valley - PA220693Shenandoah Valley Storm - PA220880