Road Trip through the Western USA!


Well we have completed our FIRST Vegan Road Trip and now plan on many, many more.  The trip was beyond successful it was inspiring and so motivating it is difficult to explain.  We thought we would see the Western USA but we discovered SO much more.

From the Mountains to the Prairies, to the Deserts we saw and experienced so much.  From dry desert scorching temperatures to almost unbearable heat/traffic/concrete in Houston to rains storms, sleet and yes, even a small blizzard.  The trip was unbelievable and we will endeavor to share as much as we can.

I had planned to blog and post pictures along the way, but frankly, there just wasn't enough time.  We were so busy exploring and seeing sights and meeting such wonderful Americans I had to back off my agressive plans and we posted on FaceBook for Family and Friends.

We planned on taking photographs, but as we progressed, Nancy got the 'shutter bug' and basically documented with pictures our entire trip.  Much through the car window but some of her pictures, taken with her Samsung Note 2, are pretty amazing.  In all, between my 35mm shots and her pictures we accumulated OVER 10,000 photos.  Yep, that many.

We have gone through them and cull out the bad ones and selectively post/publish the best ones.  We realize that photos just cannot capture the grandeur, beauty and expanse of our Great Country, but we try.  Follow this link to review our trip details, commentary and lots of photographs, or just use the left side bar to select.

Along the way we met such wonderful explorers and now friends.  They made suggestions on what to do and see and in many cases we tried to follow their advice.  Other times, it was just too much to do on our single adventure so we have logged them for future expeditions!

Now for some statistics:

Gas:  Driven in our 2012 Smart Car!
          Total Fuel Costs:  $963.57
          Total Miles Driven: 9533.4
          Total Fuel: 254.6 gallons (mostly premium)
          Average MPG: 38.57
          Average Cost/Gal: $3.81

Food:   Groceries & Snacks: $1684.42

Entertainment:  Parks & Recreation: $773.49

Shopping and Shows: $1292.42 (included Park Medallions and Post Cards)

Hotel/Motel: Lodging: $3389.33
                        Average: $89.19/night

Total Expenses:             $8103.23

Average/Day:                $188.44