Exploring the USA
One National & State Park at a Time

I get my desire to Road Trip from my Grandparents who loved to travel.  Back in 1956 it took a bit more work to plan a cross-country road trip.

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We have been Hiking the USA

We have visited and hiked in many of the USA National/State Parks and Treasures as well as other interesting sites. Besides the challenges of traveling, we are also living a Plant-Based Lifestyle, so have surmounted some challenges when it comes to dining, restaurants and hotel/motel accommodations.

Nancy and I have traveled extensively all over this wonderful Planet.  Mostly for business while Nancy flew for Delta Airlines and me on business travels.  We have ventured to all parts from the USA to Hong Kong, throughout Europe and more.  We always stayed in major cities and seldom had the opportunity to explore the local regions.

This site and our documented/planned adventures are intended to correct this oversight.  Now, sort of 'semi-retired' we have the opportunity to hit the road, stay off the main highways and avoid all but the most historic/interesting cities.  

Our plans are to visit as many of the USA National/State Parks and Treasures as we can as well as other interesting sites. Besides the challenges of traveling, we are also Nutritional Vegans, living a Plant-Based Lifestyle, so have surmounted some challenges when it comes to dining, restaurants and hotel/motel accommodations.

Skip & Nancy Stein

Hiking Upheaval Dome

Winter Haven, Florida

I thought a short description of what it means to be Whole Food Plant-Based should be found on our site.  Some folks are more focused on hiking/camping and the great outdoors; that is great!  One of the unique things about US is that we do it all without eating meat, fish, dairy or eggs.   No animal foods of any kind; well as much as possible with all the hidden ingredients in packaged foods.  Thus we try to avoid most packaged foods unless explicitly stated that they are Plant-Based and contain NO GMO ingredients.  Still, you can only do the best you can; especially on the road.

Here is a wonderfully simple definition of what it is to be Plant-Based.  We eat the rainbow of foods and experience some of the most delicious dining pleasures imaginable.  It is NOT just all salads (like too many envision).

The major difference is the focus of most Plant-Based Lifestyle folks is on Health & Wellness while that of Vegans tends to be more focused on animal treatment and promotion of animal welfare.

While, in the end, the results of avoiding all meat, fish, dairy and eggs (and derivatives) accomplishes the same objective: less/no consumption of animal products, it is all about the focus.

There are many 'junk food vegans' who are not all that healthy.  Plant-Based, with it's focus on Health & Wellness avoids all (well almost all) junk food, overly processed 'food' and all GMO (genetically modified organisms).  Vegans may consume GMO products and other, not so healthy products while still avoiding animal products.

Plant-Based Lifestyle and dietary regimes focus on delicious Plant Based Cuisine, not just avoiding meat, fish, dairy and eggs but ENJOYING Plant-Based Cuisine.  The variety is almost endless and most Americans have no clue the diversity, flavors and dining excellence that is available with Plant-Based Cuisine.

National & State Parks And Favorite Places
We have visited at least once!
Mid-Atlantic Region
Myrtle Beach
Great Falls National Park
Mount Vernon
George Washington Memorial Parkway
Skyline Drive
Shenandoah National Park
Skyline Caverns
Luray Caverns
Natural Bridge (VA)
Linville Falls
Blue Ridge Parkway
Asheville N.C.
Lake of the Ozarks
Branson MO

Southwest Region
Aztec Ruins
Big Bend
Amerind - Rock City
Guadalupe Mountains
Rio Grande
San Antonio Missions
The Alamo
Monument Valley
Sedona Arizona
  Bell Rock
  Cathedral Rock
  Verde Canyon Railroad
Sante Fe (all areas)

Western Region
Glen Canyon
Grand Canyon (North & South Rim)
Navajo National Monument
Umatilla Indian Reservation
Petrified Forest
Saguaro National Park
Wupatki National Monument
Bridal Veil Falls
Southeast Region
Castillo de San Marcos
Fort Matanzas
Blue Ridge Parkway
Chimney Rock State Park
Great Smoky Mountains

Pacific Northwest
Craters of the Moon
Lewis & Clark National Park
Cannon Beach - Haystack Rock
Ecola State Park
Mount Rainier
Whistler B.C.
Butchart Gardens - Victoria B.C.
Denali National Park

Rocky Mountains Region
Colorado National Monument
Great Sand Dunes
Rocky Mountain National Park
Glacier National Park
Jewel Cave
Mount Rushmore
Custer State Park
Crazy Horse Monument
Wind Cave
Salt Lake City - Temple Square
Hole in the Rock
Bent’s Old Fort
Bryce Canyon
Moab Utah
  Arches National Park
  Wilson Arch
  Dead Horse State Park
Capitol Reef
Cedar Breaks
Glen Canyon
Natural Bridges
Salt Lake City
Zion National Park
Devils Tower
Grand Tetons
Jackson Hole
Red Canyon
Dixie National Forest

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Afternoon Tea Party ~ Plant Based Cuisine
Tea rooms are hidden gems located in old Victorian homes or perhaps a Bed and Breakfast or Premier Hotel. Tea rooms offer an escape from the busy world around us, a day of tranquility and opportunity to spend a peaceful afternoon with family and friends. In my book you will find our tea journey begins with the “Traditional English Afternoon Tea” originated by Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford, where afternoon tea consisted of a savory dish, baked entrées, such as scones served with clotted cream, lemon curd and fruit preserves. It is a British culinary tradition of socialites sitting down for a mid-day meal of tea and treats and also involved things like manners, lace, fancy attire and dainty foods.   Tea favorites were black teas like Earl Gray, and Assam, as well as herbal teas like Chamomile and Mint.

Very few entrées if any are completely plant-based without the addition of these ingredients. Perhaps in time menus will offer more options, but until that time I want to share my plant-based recipes for those who would like to enjoy their own afternoon tea at home. I hope you relish all the delectable recipes in this book not just for afternoon tea, but for any special occasion you may be entertaining.

Art of Healing
Healing truly is an art as it combines many intuitive, creative and intellectual skills to achieve a state of being for a patient who is displaying symptoms of bodily/mental imbalance.  The healing process most often involves a combination of skills and that skill is seldom seen in a traditional medical practitioner’s office.  This booklet is intended to offer some insight to alternatives and awareness to help individuals accept and assume more control over their health, wellness and longevity.

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