Callasaja River & Falls - North Carolina

Cullasaja Falls - Visible from U.S. 64, in Cullasaja Gorge, 11 mi. east from Franklin, 9 mi. west from Highlands. Height 250 ft. Accessible by foot trail, a half-mile through steep, rough terrain or you can pull off on the narrow shoulder at the falls (be very careful) if no one else is there. Climb over the guard rail and down some rocks to access the river and falls to get a good view. This is on a curve so be very careful of other traffic.

Dry Falls - Located near U.S. 64, 3.5 mi. west from Highlands, 16.5 mi. east from Franklin. Paved walkway leads to falls from parking area. Walk underneath the 75 ft. falls. These falls have adequate parking with restroom facilities. There is a well constructed staircase that leads down to the falls with several platforms where you can take some nice pictures. At the base of the falls, you can walk beneath them and not get too wet. Makes for some nice photos.

Bridal Veil Falls - 2.5 mi. west of Highlands on U.S. 64. Visible from the highway, which at one time routed traffic under the falls. Height 120 ft. These are not much to look at; almost dainty. But you can drive your car underneath the overhang and snap a few pictures.

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