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Being plant based just got a little bit easier thanks to these must have vegan apps for smartphones!  You can find them in your Andriod or iTunes App store and most have online web sites as well.

FOODUCATE Fooducate's scientific algorithms grade each product and provide simple, concise explanations. Grading system developed by scientists, dietitians and concerned parents. Fantastic data base of products. Just scan the bar code or look up products on the go. Not listed? They offer you the opportunity to photograph info and upload it for addition to the data base. That way there are thousands of contributors; sort of like a Wiki for Food!

With this app now you have the option of doing a quick search for a wide variety of mainstream restaurants in the area to see which ones are vegan friendly. This app is great when you are on the go, or looking to eat out with your carnivorous or omnivorous friends but are worried you won't be able to find a place to cater to your vegan lifestyle. Vegan Xpress does all the work for you by compiling a comprehensive list of vegan options available at mainstream restaurants. They even include alcohol and other items on the list. Not sure if that dessert is vegan or not? Vegan Xpress has got you covered.

Happy Cow is a vegan friendly restaurant guide for your smartphone, which allows users to search worldwide for vegan goodies while on the go. It even features an interactive map that uses your location (or a location of your selection) to lead you to local vegan-friendly digs. The other really cool thing about this app is that it includes reviews and contact information for the restaurants, which makes it ideal for traveling or trying new places.

Is It Vegan is a mobile tool for anyone who is interested in eliminating animal products from their diet. This app is completely free and you can scan the bar code on certain products and it will break down what ingredients are definitely vegan, sometimes vegan, and what might not be vegan. This app is quick and easy to use and makes vegan grocery shopping a breeze.

Vegman is a very convenient app, similar to Happy Cow. This global vegan restaurant guide isn't quite as extensive as Happy Cow, but for a free app it still does a pretty good job of scoping out vegan restaurants in your local area, or when traveling to a new city.

Do Eat Raw
Do Eat Raw is a great app for eating in. Find more than 300 delicious raw vegan recipes and discover new dishes with this app. Search for everything, from appetizers to main courses, desserts, and drinks. This app also offers users the chance to add their own photos to recipes, as well as easy-to-use shopping lists, and ratings.

Gardein Recipes
Gardein Recipes is ideal for any vegan who loves Gardein's faux meat products! This app features plenty of meat-free recipes for everyday use. Now you can try all kinds of delicious Gardein recipes like Korean Soft Tacos. Another cool thing this app offers, is the app's locator feature, giving users the ability to search for where to buy Gardein products to use in their recipes.

Heart of Vegan
Heart of Vegan is a fun, free app for new vegans, or those following or interested in leading a vegan lifestyle and diet. This app features links to hundreds of some of the top vegan blogs on the web, as well as recipe websites, cooking and nutritional educational programs, vegan books, and more. The app also features famous vegan quotes and other resources.

Vegaholic is a must have app for vegans who like to drink. Now going out for a drink with friends has never been easier thanks to Vegaholic. This app offers a fast, offline comprehensive list of vegan beers, wines, and liquor. This vegan alcohol guide only costs $1.99, and is the most convenient and fastest way to quickly look up which alcohols are vegan-friendly, and which aren't.

Vegan Delish
If you are looking for easy and healthy plant based recipes, then Vegan Delish is just the app for you. For just $2.99, you will have access to over 160 100% vegan recipes like beet burgers, and vegetable quinoa salad, to mouth watering zucchini brownies. Each recipe on this app features step by step instructions and high definition photos, making cooking easy and fun.