YES, we really DID travel over 10,000 miles in 43 days in our Smart Car!!!

WIth most of our planned routes, we will be far from a lot of sources of our normal food supplies.  We carry a small induction cooktop with a couple small pans and utensils for cooking in our room if needed.  In addition, we will carry some basic Plant-Based food items, including organic soy milk, rice, beans and other select Plant-Based food items.  We plan to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables along the way from local road-side or farmer's markets.

We recommend that you scan and load critical/important documents and load them on your cell phone micro-SD card.  We have digital copies of our Driver's License, Passports, birth certificates, marriage license and recent blood work, medical records and vehicle registration.  If you have a living will, that is also a good thing to have (we pray you never need it!).

Personal Items
□   Soap
□   Deodorant
□   Glasses or contact lenses
□   Toothbrush and toothpaste
□   Razor, scissors and shaving soap
□   Vegan Shampoo
□   Vitamins & Aspirin
□   Passports
□   Sunglasses
□   Umbrella

Food Items
□   Cooler – 12 volt car operation.
□   A/C Converter for Cooler
□   Induction Cooktop
□   Small Skillet
□   Small pot with lid
□   Washable Plates and Utensils
□   Plenty of water in re-usable water bottles
□   Energy bars/trail mix
□   Fresh Fruit & Vegetables (hope to purchase at roadside stands)
□   Vegan quick meal pouches (Tasty Bite)
□   Gardein Assorted Vegan products (cooler)
□   Organic Soy Milk (plain/vanilla)
□   Organic Whole Grain Breakfast Cereal (Ancient Grains)
□   Canned Organic Beans
□   Brown Rice Blends (Seed of Change Foods)
□   Assorted Spices
□   Paper towels
□   Garbage bags

Entertainment Items
□   CDs & USB MP3 music
□   Portable Speakers
□   Headphones or earbuds
□   Smartphone with GPS
□   AAA books and guides
□   Laptop computer
□   Notepads and Pens
□   Camera/journal to record memories
□   Chargers/converters

Health and Safety Items
□   Sunscreen
□   Insect repellant
□   First aid kit
□   Alcohol (isopropyl)
□   Flushable Wipes
□   Disinfectant wipes

Navigational Items
□   Paper maps from AAA
□   Smartphone with GPS & Compass capability
□   Directions for your route (using tablet with GPS)
□   Hotel GPS locations and Confirmation Numbers

Clothing (each)
□   Pillow
□   Blanket
□   1 set Sleepwear
□   1 set Comfortable Walking/Hiking Shoes & Sandals
□   1 Hat
□   8 sets Socks & Underwear
□   2-sets Hiking Shorts
□   1 pair Jeans & sweat shirt
□   2-sets Casual Wear Suitable for evening
□   5 sets Casual Shirts/Blouses
□   5 sets Travel T-Shirts
□   1 set Belts and Dress Shoes
□   1 set Light Jacket and Sweater

Emergency Items
□   Flares
□   Flashlights and extra batteries
□   Window washer/cleaner
□   Rope & Duct Tape
□   Jumper cables
□   Spare keys
□   Tools
□   Knife
□   Emergency phone numbers