Exploring the USA
One National & State Park at a Time

Plant-Based Travelers

(We work with Vegetarians too!)

We will help you plan a wonderful trip.  Visiting the USA National Parks is an adventure.  Many are located pretty close together and you would be surprised how many you can visit on a single trip.

Trip Planning Assistance
Cell:  407-683-6816

We know that there are numerous travel agents and services available to you but many of them have folks who haven't traveled like we Plant-Based travelers must.  Many of these lovely service agents may have never traveled to the destinations you have or have the experience ferreting out those hard to find dining options or those hidden treasures you find along your route.  

Can you do it yourself?  Sure you can, but do YOU have time?  Traveling Plant-Based, Vegan, or even vegetarian, is a pretty specific challenge that we have met and continue to meet.  While daunting at times, there are ways, methods, means to make a Plant-Based Road Trip a wondrous experience.

From snacks and food to pack to pots and pans and appliances you may want to take along it is all in the planning and the TRICK is to not overpack!  You can only do so much with an in-room microwave and mini-fridge; when they have them! Yea, we tend to overpack too!  We have found that by a bit of judicious planning and research we can help you identify just the things you really DO need to bring along to make your trip fun.

Planning a Road Trip, especially if you are Plant-Based, can be a real challenge.  We have done it and learned a LOT about what to pack, what and how to eat along the way and how to order foods in a 'normal' restaurant that may not advertise vegan friendly dishes.

We have provided a lot of information in the tips section and some tools you can use while on the road to help identify and locate vegan or health friendly places.  In our Toad Trip Destination Sections we detail where we went, what we saw and have hundreds of pictures to show you.  Some of the trip details will also provide smart phone application links to help you travel those areas.  We are sure that there are many we haven't discovered yet but that is part of the fun and joy in traveling.

We are now offering trip planning services to help you along the way.  We can help you identify places to see and things to do and where they are and how to get there.  As you explore this wonderful Country of OURS, you constantly find and identify more and more places you will want to visit.  As you travel and meet other road adventurers, they will offer hints and ideas of places to visit that they enjoyed. As you do more traveling, or have traveled, you can share items of interest and ideas from you experience.  It is a wonderful way to make new and lasting friendships that will last forever!

No matter if you are 'kitchenette' travelers like we tend to be or road trippers with a camper, trailer or full blown home on wheels.  We can help you navigate and identify those hidden treasures to see along the way.  If you have a destination trip in mind (where you plan to go and stay a while) we can suggest places to see in the local area as well as places to stay, dine and be entertained.

Let us help you plan your trip!  We can provide detailed maps, location specific information and guides as well as dining options.  Whether you plan to cook for yourself/family or dine out or a combination of both, let us help you make your trip enjoyable and HEALTHY all together!

Pack, Load and Hit The Road!
Fee Schedule
Weekend Trip: $50
One Week: $100
Two Weeks: $150
Three Weeks: $175
Four Weeks: $200
Longer: Pricing Negotiated

We will include detailed maps (PDF) with daily routs and excursions to some of the best sites in the areas you want to visit.  Resturant recommendations and grocery store options as well as Health & Wellness services in the area.  We do our best to identify and recommend the best we can find and identify but no one is perfect.  If you find a new place, service or site, please let us know so we can help others do the same.

*** Newest Service - FULL GPS files are made available to load into your GPS car or hand-held unit. We specialize in Garmin but most units will accept our GPX files.  Works like a charm, just follow the road! ***


***** Available services are limited When WE are On The Road! *****

These are some of our more elaborate trips; lasting for 30 days or more.


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