Book Trailer: Will Travel for Vegan Food

A Book Review by Skip Stein

I have been following Kristin Lajeunesse for some time. She is an inspiration to young and old on how to take chances and live a vibrant life. For someone so young, she has some amazing insights to business and life that many/most will relate to; both in her blogs, videos and now her first book: Will Travel for Vegan Food she presents a view of the world that is mostly benign but at times scary. A young woman, alone, on the highways and byways of the USA, she meets mostly lovely people but also those who take advantage and show the darker sides of some disreputable human beings. Those are mostly in the background and the book is an adventure of travel, food and growth and joy.

As Plant-Based (vegan) travelers ourselves at Roadtripping, we found her adventures and challenges to find reasonably healthy dining across the USA a kindred challenge. Health & Wellness in the USA has been terrible in recent decades and many of us believe it is due to the lousy nutrition and the way we eat.

This book is a lovely tale of a young woman growing up with the joys and sufferings that impact most young people and the growing pains associated with challenges, both personal, emotional and physical. The entrepreneurial spirit grows within Kristin as she travels and learns about life, love and relationships; all the while exploring the wondrous USA and the few but excellent Plant-Based Cuisines available in many cities and towns.

I encourage you to purchase her book, share it with a young friend who may be on the cusp of deciding what to do with their lives. The adventures with Kristin and I, for one, look forward with eager expectations to see how this wonderful young lady continues to grow, develop and mature.


Skip Stein is the owner of HJS Enterprises of Orlando Floridaand COO of Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living and Roadtripping USA.